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Meet the founder:


Elaine Li is a young Canadian entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and fashion. Growing up with a background in sports and modeling, health and fitness was important to her and she quickly realized the flaws in fast fashion while working out at the gym. She was constantly investing in new activewear, describes herself as a former "huge consumer of sportswear" and tried many different athletic brands. The problems arrived when she realized most inadequate activewear lacked functional and technical features which ended up being a disappointment to her and what she considered other athletes' standards. By understanding the wants and needs of consumers like herself, she went into problem-solving mode by uniting her two passions, fitness and fashion, utilizing her business management skills and creating her own project. Now, you can expect Livelite's premium athleisure to be durable enough for your most intense workouts, and make you look great while you break a sweat or even go for a casual stroll.

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