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Sportswear that helps you move.

Why do we put in so much effort into mastering the quality of our activewear?

Our brand mission is to become the world's leader in providing comfort, performance, innovative and purposeful athleisure.


Welcome to Luxury Athleisure: Clothes that are made to last throughout the years.

Premium athletic apparel masterpieces that are designed locally in Vancouver.

Make the right choice. Support small business.

Livelite: Not Just a Brand.

We're here to make your gym and everyday life better by adjusting the little things that are important and bringing them to reality in your activewear, enabling you to have the limitless range of motion you desire, the confidence you deserve, and the power to Livelite. It doesn't just matter to us that our products look good on you — it matters that you are more functional than ever in our specially formulated athletic garments and that your clothes last long throughout the years. 

Our founder, Elaine Li, has made sure that the materials are outsourced ethically, from how things are made in the manufacturers' factories to how the employees are treated. We take pride in being transparent, and committing to honesty and ethical behavior — it is what you deserve from your athletic clothing supplier.

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