Livelite Athletes

Becoming a Livelite Athlete means gaining access to our highly rewarding  program.

Benefits of becoming an athlete:

  • FREE items when products are dropped!
  • You get a lifetime discount off all Livelite products!
  • Invitations to private Livelite events with professional photoshoots!
  • Get exclusive insider news - sneak peaks, new updates, and more.
  • Increased social media exposure, increased following, and engagement on your social media accounts.
  • Learn more tips and techniques on how to become an influencer.
  • Earn commission!
  • Get early access to new item releases!
  • Opportunities to walk in our fashion shows or travel!
  • Most importantly, becoming part of the Livelite family means joining an uplifting community that only wants you to succeed.

*NOT exclusive to athletic people only!* Whether you live at the gym or you're a serial lounger, this program can be suitable for you as long as you like quality activewear and you want to be a part of our supportive community/family.