Livelite Athletes

Becoming a Livelite Athlete means gaining access to our highly rewarding  program.

Benefits of becoming an athlete:

  • Receive complimentary items when our latest products are launched + early access to new drops
  • Earn commission through our ambassador program
  • Enjoy a lifetime discount on all Livelite products
  • Unlock opportunities to model for Livelite, walk in our fashion shows and travel to exciting destinations
  • Exclusive invitations to private Livelite events featuring professional photoshoots
  • Gain access to exclusive insider news, including sneak peeks and exciting updates
  • Boost your social media presence with increased exposure, followers, and engagement
  • Gain early access to new product releases
  • Most importantly, joining the Livelite family means becoming part of a supportive community dedicated to your success!

Join the Livelite family – our program is NOT exclusive to athletic people only! Whether you're a gym enthusiast or a dedicated lounger, this opportunity is perfect for anyone who appreciates quality activewear and wants to be part of our uplifting community.