8 Gifts for Him and/or Her

8 Gifts for Him and/or Her

The season of gifting is sneaking up upon us... Christmas is coming up whether you are a festive person or not, at it is time to buy gifts for your loved ones. My definition of a good gift would be something that would last long throughout the years, something that an individual would LOVE to receive, but maybe haven't thought of purchasing for themselves. If you truly cared about someone this year, for Christmas make sure you get them a premium present that is WORTH buying.

Don't worry, we have an incredible list of gifts that would be perfect for any occasion, that is durable to last for years ahead.

Gift Ideas for Him

Men's Revival Short- Noir Black these insanely eye-catching, durable and premium quality men's workout shorts for the gym are bound to be a must-have among all gym-goers this season. You can never go wrong with this style or color. Black goes along with everything, as fashionistas always mention.

Men's Revival Shorts - Desert Smoke This is the same style of shorts as above but in a beige color, a favorite neutral among many athletes or fitness enthusiasts. This color is flattering on any skin tone and brings out incredible fashion sense.

Men's Revival Shorts - Forest The Livelite Forest color is a staple you need in your closet. Not only is this military green shade extremely complimenting on anyone that wears it, it's also a very trendy neutral that will never go out of style; timeless, with just the right amount of flare.

Elite Performance Shorts - Navy A double layered masterpiece with a compression lining underneath is what every man dreams for, whether they are an avid gym rat or not. These are so buttery-smooth with the amazingly 6-way stretch spandex lining underneath you can barely feel restricted, yet it holds everything in place while you jump around, or maybe even just lounge on the couch.

Elite Performance Shorts - Noir Black Just like the other color variations of the Elite Performance shorts, the lining layer of these premium shorts for working out, the gym, or just for a casual stroll, also has a tight pocket for your keys so they don't fall out while you're on-the-go. The outer pockets are deep enough for your biggest iPhone/accessories.

Elite Performance Shorts - Athletic Grey Unlike the Elite Performance shorts in Navy Blue or Black, these ones have a white lining underneath the top layer, which adds a reflecting effect instead of darkening. Both are great for subtly flexing at the gym. Yes, we know, we've been told many times that our Elite Performance shorts are the best shorts to wear while working out or training at the gym!

Gift Ideas for Her

Accentuate Shorts - Noir Black These are extremely flattering, booty-scrunch designed shorts made to accentuate any booty at the gym, a cheeky "flex", if you will. Don't forget to check out the many other options Livelite offers, such as Sea Blue, or Forest, here under the women's section.

Support Freedom Bra - Sea Blue Supportive enough to allow you to have the freedom of full range of movement, this bra says it all in its name. You can feel relieved when wearing this bra for your runs, jumping, or any type of high intensity training at the gym, or even a light walk along your crush. It's meant to be absolutely flattering, cute and aesthetic, so you don't ever have to worry about looking out of style.

Flawless Luxury Bra - Forest Meant and designed to make you look flawless while you sweat, or during any acitivity you do while wearing it, this bra is popular for a lot of reasons. There is an accentuating band underneath that is adjustable to hold the twins up, or even pulled down to show more of the mid drift. Super trendy and stylish, this bra comes in 2 other different colors: Mauve and Noir Black.

Flawless Luxury Pants - Mauve made with quality that will leave you speechless. After just one touch, you'll know why these leggings or stretchy pants are a favourite among athletes. These buttery-soft pants are:

  • Breathable

  • 4-way stretch expanding fabric

  • Sweat-wicking

  • Odour-resistant

  • Squat proof

  • Mid to high-waisted

These come in all sizes including XS, S, M, L and XL. Feel free to mix and match with the Flawless Luxury bras. View more in women's. These pants come in different colors, including: Forest, Noir Black, and Sea Blue.

There you have it - a free, expert list of trendy, affordable and PREMIUM wonderful gift ideas you can get him/her. Thank us later, happy holidays and happy gifting!

Sending you lots of love and comfortable days ahead,

Elaine & the Livelite family.