9 Ways To Become a successful Livelite Athlete

9 Ways To Become a successful Livelite Athlete


The hottest topic right now is the #LiveliteAthlete program where anyone of any shape, size, or form can become a part of a strong, supportive and amazing community of impressive human beings, that want to see each other succeed. We are so proud to be Livelite Athletes here in a world that is currently facing many different hurdles and challenges. This is such a great time to stay focused within such an inspiring, energetic community that always has your back, no matter what life throws at you!

Being a Livelite Athlete can be extremely rewarding, and here are some exclusive tips and tricks that can only be found on our blog, to excel at becoming an absolute powerhouse of a Livelite Athlete.

1. Don't be afraid at trying new things. Dip into that creative side of yours.

Are you consistently posting, but not achieving as much exposure as you have hoped it would create? Don't get discouraged, just take a dive into that creative brain of yours and think deep. What are new ways or tactics you haven't yet experienced with, or would like to?

Do you engage with your followers on different channels, post reels made with different sounds or effects, tried trending and funny skits, or go on Tiktok or instagram live? Maybe your followers just need to be engaged and a different style can bring in more traffic for you! 
You can even try simple things like posting what you already do in your every day life, part of your workout routine wearing Livelite Athletica, sharing your fitness or health journey, or reviewing your favorite pieces from Livelite. Play around with it and see what engages your audience the best, and watch your account grow! 

 2. Build relationships within the Livelite community.

To Livelite, our community truly means EVERYTHING to us! Together we can achieve so much more, and we are stronger than any obstacle if we stick together. Reach out to different Livelite Athletes and show support for them. You can discuss how you can help each other in different areas of life, or even talk about collaborating on different ways to promote Livelite.

3. Host your own social media giveaways.

Giveaways show that you are amongst the most elite Livelite Athletes, where you love the brand so much that your audience can win a Livelite item gifted by you. How amazing would it feel that you enabled them to try such a premium athletic apparel brand for free? We can make this free for you as well as we are gifting 2 sponsored prizes per month for our most engaged Livelite Athletes to host their own giveaway! What a steal of a deal, right?! Email elaineli@liveliteathletica.com for more info on sponsorships for hosting your own giveaway.

Another option would be to purchase your own gifts and host your giveaways the way you want with your favorite products from Livelite. This also helps you promote your own code even more, and gain more followers and social media exposure.

4. Stay up to date with Livelite events and product drops.

Staying in tune with whats happening with our newest promotions, styles, events, and any huge sales or discounts is vital. You're here reading this blog, so you are doing a fantastic job already! Livelite Athletes are also the first ones to hear about new product releases, sales, or events, so take advantage of this information! You can be prepped by thinking of ideas to share this new drop to your followers with your personalized discount code!

5. Don't limit yourself to just one social media platform.

With Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok, there are so many different ways to promote Livelite and your Athlete code. Try out what best suits your style, and have fun with it! Just be yourself, and the traffic will follow. Do what you do best, so you can attract your target niche on these platforms. Don't forget to promote your own Livelite Athlete code, and to tag us if we are on these different platforms. We can re-share your stuff and help you grow! 

6. Don't be shy to share your opinions & reviews.

Get personal on why you love your Livelite, and how it can potentially benefit someone else. Why would this fabric or material be useful to others? Don't be shy, you're a powerful Livelite Athlete! Maybe give advice on how to style your sets, with different outfits. For example, you can be extremely versatile on dressing up in a peacoat with heels with any of the Flawless Luxury sets since the colors are neutral and minimalist. It can go with any outfit.

7. Remember the details.

Don't forget about the details - you might be thinking right now, what are "the details"? To be specific, some important details that can make all the difference would be to remember to tag @LiveliteAthletica and use #livelite and/or #liveliteathletica, plus #liveliteathletes in your reels, photos, stories, TikToks, and other postings, when you're wearing our sets or pieces. Also attach your own promo code so you can gain that commission! Sometimes, it can be extremely helpful to our followers, since they would like to go through our tags to look at how the athliesure looks on other people before buying, and they may be looking for Livelite Athlete promo codes. 

Secondly, if you haven't done this already, it would be smart to add your athlete code in your bio, and in every story, add a link to your promo code for your followers to use as well.

Lastly, it would be additionally helpful if you named the Livelite items that you are wearing in your posts and stories, because your followers may love what you're wearing but don't know the specific item it is. That would help them make the final decision and use your athlete code when purchasing!

8. Go above and beyond, even past social media.

As an e-commerce activewear brand, we are definitely in love with social media, and we are so proud to see you use it, every single time. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to socials only. Promote your code in real life, and use word-of-mouth. Talk to your friends about Livelite, and show it off to others at the gym you go to. Share your discount code with whoever is looking for premium activewear!

Add this to your social media too, and watch yourself thrive as a Livelite Athlete.

9. Consistency is key.

This is a commonly used phrase, but it still holds true. Staying active on your platforms, and continuously promoting your Athlete code will help you stay ahead of the game. After your followers see you promote Livelite over and over again, they will eventually see how much passion you have as a Livelite Athlete and will opt in your code!

We hope this advice helps you on becoming the best version of yourself and an absolute machine of a Livelite Athlete. We appreciate each and every single one of you, and your efforts are always noticed. 

If you are not yet a Livelite Athlete but wish to become one, you may sign up HERE.

Sending love and comfy days ahead,

Livelite Athletica