Livelite x Rumble

Elaine Li, Founder of Livelite Athletica, wearing the Flawless Luxury set in Forest

Team Livelite recently had the most enjoyable and exciting workout - hosted by the one and only Vince Sobrino, the founder at Rumble boxing studio in Yaletown. Vince owns multiple Rumble locations, 2 in Vancouver, 2 in Calgary, and 1 opening up in Toronto now.

This event was hosted by our founder Elaine Li and Vince, whom always put together the most fun collaborations. What a fun night this was!

First we had an intense workout lead by Vince: Did you know he's also one of the best boxing coaches in Canada?! Crazy! (Makes a lot of sense, though). The music, atmosphere and vibes were on point. He put on a great list of tunes, as we worked through our jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. What a great instructor he is, pushing us through our limits and yelling words of encouragement to each of us. "Let's go Livelite!"

After we finished our high intensity training boxing class, we all mingled and socialized. The Livelite team got to meet Vince, and we took nice photos and created some shared memories.

Elaine's friends and Vince with his dog Bacon, at the Rumble boxing studio in Yaletown for Livelite's night.

It was a Sunday evening to remember, that's for sure. There's something about working out, sweating and laughing together that really bonds a team, and strengthens spirits. 

We hope that you get to have some fun and bond with your cherished ones this festive season as well.

Sending many hugs, love and comfortable days ahead,

Livelite Athletica