New Activewear Collection helps you Focus on What Matters

New Activewear Collection helps you Focus on What Matters

Workout, and look good while doing so.

Livelite Athletica is the ultimate activewear collection that wants to change people's lives for the better by giving them motivation to workout and look good while doing so. Livelite is the fusion of luxury, comfort, high quality material, durability, functionality, and comfort.

How are we a brand that wants to change people's lives for the better? We don't just want to be another brand that provides activewear for workouts and yoga, we want to be an actual motivational movement for people to make working out part of their daily life routine. We want to create an uplifting community you can count on and come back to when you feel uninspired, as humans naturally do become once in a while.

At Livelite, we are daring to be different. We are about chasing after a goal or a dream that is life-changing. Not allowing the circumstances in life that you are dealt with to get you down. No matter what your surroundings are in life, no matter what you are going through, Livelite can be the light at the end of tunnel that you can utilize, that can clothe you while you strive to overcome any negative outcomes. You are not alone, everyone goes through things. We provide a group of uplifting people that want to be there for you and help you ace it in life, with our Livelite Athletes program. We are not only selling you clothes that are generic and standard like the typical drop-shippers on the market that you see everywhere else. We aren't only trying to make a profit. So if you're looking for something new and different, and especially if you expect the best in quality and luxury, Livelite may be right up your alley. We are locally designed in Vancouver, Canada.

It's so nice to see a luxury activewear brand has finally come out with high quality, durable and comfortable activewear that you can work out in, but also just be at home in. With such great energy and excitement in the room for the upcoming athleisure brand, it really feels like the future belongs to brands like Livelite Athletica. It is safe to say that their new collection lived up to its hype from reviews by current and former athletes.

What are you waiting for? Get your own sets, workout shorts for the gym, buttery-soft leggings, or supportive sports bras now!

Sending you lots of love and comfy days ahead, 

- Elaine Li & the Livelite Family.